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Overview of Blackeye Helmet Cameras and Action Cameras
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Headline Blackeye Two - ahead of it's time
Giro Helmet with Blackeye Two Camera
Blackeye Two Action Camera
was one of the most awarded Helmet Cameras on the market. We developed and produced our first Blackeye TWO Action Camera in 2005. At a time, when GoPro® didn’t exist and Action Filming and YouTube® were quite exotic.
Protec Helmet with Blackeye Two Camera
The BLACKEYE TWO was produced in two versions. Our regular model came with a basic resolution of 420 TVL. Our top version was equipped with the best available video sensors and a resolution of 540 TVL.
Petzl Helmet with Blackeye Two Camera
With it’s adaptors, the BLACKEYE TWO can be fitted to almost all helmets in all sports. Without a helmet it can be worn directly on your forehead. Just like a headlamp.
Blackeye Two Camera on bare head without helmet
Sixsixone Helmet with Blackeye One Camera from front view
Headline Blackeye One - Bullet Camera
Sixsixone Helmet with Blackeye One Camera from back view
The BLACKEYE ONE Bullet Camera is the smallest Action Camera we ever produced. Thanks to it’s unique Ball-Joint-Mount it can easily be attached to helmets and almost any sports gear. Once attached, it still can swivel and rotate in any direction. The BLACKEYE ONE has a resolution of 560 TVL.
Ducati motorcycle with Blackeye One Camera attached

We know quite a lot about Action Cameras and Action Filming. Our Cameras have received multiple awards like the ISPO Brand New Award or the EUROBIKE Award, but we do not want to compete against the endless recourses of GoPro® and other global manufacturers of electronics. Therefore our line of Action Cameras is no longer produced.