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Different lenses for different beams

60, 90 or 150 … Lumen are not everything.

A bright head lamp is not always a good head lamp. There's a few more factors to look at. The beam for example. A low Lumen headlamp with a good beam can be much brighter than a higher Lumen lamp with a poor beam ...

Front view of the Black Diamond Cosmo packaging


In the outdoor store, right next to PETZL's TIKKA we found the BLACK DIAMOND® COSMO. Pretty much a competing product to the TIKKA, very similar in price, size and brightness...

Front view of Tikka packaging


Winter time is coming closer this year. And as days are getting shorter many of you may be thinking this is the right time for a new headlamp. So we decided to check out one of the new PETZL ® headlamps for you....

Full moon in the sky

Headlamps and the Full Moon Standard

The full moon standard is a very simple benchmark test for manufacturers. It allows them to measure how long a headlamp can run on a fresh set of batteries. The standard goes back to the idea, that ...

Arrangement of various headlamps

Why we are testing Headlamps

We've been developing headlamps and flashlights from the early 2000s on. Which may explain our natural interest in almost everything which has to do with headlamps and flashlights. From performance to handling, to design, to human factors, to marketing...

T-Peak, T-Trail, T-Base headlamp arrangement

The MAMMUT® T-Line – Review

Today we're starting our first headlamp review: The MAMMUT T-Line, which ranges in the mid price segment of headlamps. The T-Line is a line-up of three very similar products with different performance. MAMMUT named them T-Base, T-Trail and T-Peak....

Munich ISPO Logo

ISPO Munich 2015

Munich, early February 2015 - ISPO is the world's largest international fair for sporting goods. And like every year we've been there and browsing the Munich fair grounds for new and interesting products ...

Three different Helmet Adapters

Helmet Adapters, 3M ® Tape and Adapter Removal

When mounting an action camera to a helmet you normally need a small adapter which is “glued” to your helmet. The adapter works like a base plate or socket. So that the camera can be connected and disconnected from the helmet at any time. Once attached, most users leave the adapter on the helmet even when they're ...

Outride for iphone front view

OUTRIDE by Mophie – Action Case for iPhone

The OUTRIDE by Mophie is a shock- and waterproof enclosure for iphones. It protects your iphone from dirt, wind and weather, so that it can be used like an action camera - without putting the precious phone at risk. To perform like an action cam, the OUTRIDE has an integrated ...