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Über Extra Blog, unsere Arbeit und Leidenschaft

Hello, I’m one of your writers.

We are a team of product designers and engineers. We are enthusiastic about our profession and we’re active in our free time. We swim, run and hike, we love road- and mountain biking, ride motorcycles and go skiing whenever we can.

We’ve been living in the USA and in Europe where we worked for many clients. For large corporations and for smaller companies. So, over the years we got to develop a great range of very different products. From medical devices to communication products. From lighting products to outdoor gear and cameras.

In the past years we’ve been focusing on our preferred outdoor industry. In that time we’ve been designing and developing head lamps for one of the major european outdoor brands. Plus, we’ve been developing the genuine Blackeye products. From action cameras to special camera mounts, even before GoPro came to market…

Logos vom IF Award, RedDot Award, ISPO Brandnew Award und Eurobike Award

For our work we received some of the world’s most important design awards. The RedDot Award, the IF Award, the ISPO Brandnew Award and the EUROBIKE Award for example.

With the launch of our new web site, we had the idea to create this „Extra Blog“. Our intention was to share some of our thoughts with you. Thoughts and findings about new and interesting products which are catching our attention. We believe it may be interesting for readers like you to a get a new perspective on various products. Like seeing them through our eyes – either helping your purchasing decisions or just as an easy read-along…

Thanks for reading and do more of what’s making you happy!

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