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About using a regular Digital Camera on your Head for hands free filming in Sports, Leisure and Business
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Title image with Tigerfish
Title Image with Tigerfish blurredTop view of Camera Head Mount

Active Filming

With your Digital Camera on your Head

Title Image with Tigerfish blurredHead Gear and Camera with sailing video





Title Image with Tigerfish blurredSamsung Camera on a Head HarnessList of Camera Manufacturers

Wear your Camera on your Head for hands free Filming

Blackeye, a pioneer manufacturer of action cameras brings a complete new way of filming: Hands free video filming with regular digital cameras. Ideal for all kinds of activities.

You already own a small Digital Camera and you don’t want to invest in an Action Cam? With our new Camera Head Mount Blackeye ZERO, you can now wear your compact camera on your forehead and film everything you do – absolutely hands free.

Display Head with Head Mount for Cameras

One Size for every Head

The Blackeye ZERO head gear fits all head sizes. The unique ergonomic shape of this harness guarantees best stability and greates comfort. Regardless what head size you have, the head straps can easily be adjusted to fit. (53-63cm = 21-25 in = S-M-L)

Simply mount your camera to the platform of the Blackeye ZERO and strap it onto your head – just like a head lamp or a head band. The Blackeye ZERO holds your camera safely and allows you to adjust it towards any direction you want to film.
Learn here how it works…

Screen showing Video of Hot Air Ballon, River Raft, Swimming

Enjoy your Holidays – bring home great Movies

Panasonic Lumix Camera Model FT4

The ultimate Accessory for active Filming with compact Digital Cameras

CANON Powershot SX280 HS oder D30
NIKON Coolpix AW100, AW110, AW120, S31 oder S32
SONY Cybershot DSC H200, DSC TF1, TX30
RICOH Optio W90, WG-1, WG-2, WG-3, WG-4, WG-10, WG-20

Modern digital cameras and outdoor cameras can be used for taking pictures as well as for recording videos. They are easy to operate and can produce videos in stunning HD quality. Many of them even come with extra features like WiFi, GPS, Image Stabilisation and Remote Control.

Besides such regular models, most manufacturers offer a line of waterproof and shockproof Outdoor Cameras. They usually look like normal digital cameras and their rugged bodies are built for being used in all kinds of activities without worrying. Needless to say, these type of cameras are absolutely perfect for mounting them to your helmet. See some of these models on the left side.

Camera Head Gear used during Sailing

For your greatest Moments on Video

Are you into video filming and always looking for new perspectives? The new Blackeye ZERO camera mount will help you capture moments you normally don’t get on camera. Great moments which add kick to your videos and make them absolutely unique.

Come play with it – be curious, be creative and see what’s possible with this unique Camera Harness…

For Sports, Outdoor, Travel and Rental in Resorts

Top view of Camera Head Gear

Trekking, Skiing, Skating, Canyoning, Snow Shoeing, Sailing, and many more – Blackeye ZERO is proofed for a broad range of activities.

Get inspired and see how using the Blackeye ZERO Head Gear is great fun – in Training, Play, Business and many Sports without Helmets.

The essential gear for rentals in resorts and outdoor spots. With this accessory your customers can videotape their unforgettable adventures with their own cameras.

Inside view of Camera Mount with Head Bands
The all new Outdoor Experience
Screen showing a Canoeing video




Screen showing a video of Riding



Screen showing a video of a Dog Sled Race

Dog Sledding

Snow Shoeing


Designed and assembled in Europe Produced in China
53-63cm (21-25 inch) S-M-L
115 gr (4.1 oz)
Will fit modern digital compact cameras from CANON®, FUJI®, NIKON®, PANASONIC®, OLYMPUS®, RICOH® and many others.
Sweat resistant, Water resistant, Temperature: -40 to +80 Celsius.

Image: Original Packaging

Original Packaging of Camera Head Mount
Front and Back view of original Head Gear Packaging

If you are unsure if your camera will fit onto the head mount, please check with our section “How It Works”, send us an email or ask your local Sports or Photo Retailer for assistance. Available at your Sports- or Photo Retailer and in our Online Shop.

(incl. 19% VAT Tax)

For Purchases in our Shop you can use your PayPal account, Credit Card or you can make a Bank transfer.

Proofed for use with Digital Cameras in


Screens showing videos of Cooking, Assembling and Repairing

The most innovative Way of Training, Learning and Documenting

If you like or need to share stuff with others on YouTube ®, (Vimeo ®; or similar), the Blackeye ZERO is a widely recommended tool. With your hands-free you can videotape how you do things. How you build something, how you repair and service stuff or how you adjust things. While filming from your head you can move freely, hold something in your hand, point your finger and explain at the same time….

For Business, Training or Leisure – Blackeye ZERO is a wonderful and fun gadget but also a very useful tool which can save you a lot of time and resources.

Designed and Assembled in Europe

Hands assembling a Product