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Title image with Tigerfish
Title Image with Tigerfish blurredTop view of Camera Head Mount

Active Filming

With your Digital Camera on your Head

Title Image with Tigerfish blurredHead Gear and Camera with sailing video





Title Image with Tigerfish blurredSamsung Camera on a Head HarnessList of Camera Manufacturers

The Camera Head Strap Mount for regular digital cameras.

With this universal Camera Head Strap Mount you can use your digital camera for hands-free action filming!

If you want to film light action stuff, you normally don’t need an extra Action Cam. Just use our Camera Head Strap Mount together with your already existing camera. Because most digital cameras are able to take pictures, but also produce HD movies in great quality. So why not use them for recording your most favorite activities from your point of view. Like skiing with your family, cycling, sailing and much more…whatever you like doing!

Filming from your own point of view is easy. Simply attach your camera to the Head Strap Mount. Turn the camera on, put the gear up onto your head and start your activity.

Display Head with Head Mount for Cameras

 The “one-size” Head Strap Mount fits every head

The Blackeye ZERO Head Strap Mount fits all head sizes. It’s unique ergonomic shape guarantees best stability and greatest comfort possible. Regardless your individual head size, the straps can easily be adjusted to fit. (53-63cm = 21-25 in = S-M-L)

Simply mount any small digital camera to the platform and put the gear onto your head. Just like you wear a head lamp or a head band. The Blackeye Head Strap Mount holds your camera safely. While allowing you to adjust the angle of the platform. So that your camera does not only point forward, but also tilts into the right direction.

Learn here how it works…

Screen showing Video of Hot Air Ballon, River Raft, Swimming

Enjoy your Holidays – bring home great Movies

Panasonic Lumix Camera Model FT4

Our Head Strap Accessory gets the best out of your Digital Camera

Our Universal Head Strap Mount fits cameras from:
and many more…

Small digital cameras can be used for taking pictures and for recording videos. They are easy to operate and can produce videos in stunning HD quality. Many of them even come with extra features like WiFi, GPS, Image Stabilisation and Remote Control.

Besides the regular camera models, many manufacturers offer a line of waterproof and shockproof Outdoor Cameras. They almost look like their normal counterparts. But they are more rugged and built to be used in all kinds of environment. Built to withstand rough treatments like impact or exposure to water. Similar to action cameras.

Outdoor cameras are always a good choice. Together with our Head Strap Mount they can almost be used like action cameras. Which sometimes come with a head strap mount. This way you get even more out of your outdoor camera. Just use this great head strap accessory and start using your camera like an action camera.

Camera Head Gear used during Sailing

For your greatest Moments on Video

Are you into video filming and always looking for new perspectives? The Blackeye® Head Strap Mount will help you capture footage you normally don’t get on camera. Great point-of-view footage which adds kick to your videos and makes you want to watch them over and over again.

Play with it – be curious, be creative and see what’s possible with this unique accessory for digital cameras

The Camera Head Strap Holder with a standard 1/4 inch Tripod Screw

Top view of Camera Head Gear

For Trekking, Skiing, Skating, Canyoning, Snow Shoeing, Sailing, and much more. The Head Strap Mount can be used for a broad range of activities.

Get inspired and see how using the Head Strap Accessory for your camera is great fun – in training, play, business and many kinds of sports without helmets.

The Head Strap Camera Holder is a great product for outdoor parks or rental stations. Parks can provide visitors with Camera Head Strap Mounts. So they can use their own cameras for videotaping and bring home great memories.

Inside view of Camera Mount with Head Bands

This Head Strap Mount is a great item for your Back Pack

A light weight accessory to turn your regular camera into an action camera when needed. Because great things always happen when you least expect it.

Screen showing a Canoeing video

Water Sports


Screen showing a video of Riding



Screen showing a video of a Dog Sled Race

Winter Sports

Snow Shoeing


Designed and assembled in Europe Produced in China
53-63cm (21-25 inch) S-M-L
115 gr (4.1 oz)
Will fit modern digital compact cameras from CANON®, FUJI®, NIKON®, PANASONIC®, OLYMPUS®, RICOH® and many others.
Sweat resistant, Water resistant, Temperature: -40 to +80 Celsius.

Image: Original Packaging

Original Packaging of Camera Head Mount
Front and Back view of original Head Gear Packaging

If you are unsure if your camera will fit onto the Head Strap Mount, please check with our section “How It Works”, send us an email or ask your local Sports or Photo Retailer for assistance. Available at your Sports- or Photo Retailer and in our Online Shop.

(incl. 19% VAT Tax)

For Purchases in our Shop you can use your PayPal account, Credit Card or you can pay by Bank Transfer.


Screens showing videos of Cooking, Assembling and Repairing

A great accessory for using video in an innovative way of Training, Learning and Documenting

If you like sharing on social media like Facebook or YouTube ®, the Head Strap Mount for your camera is a great tool. With your camera on your head you can record how you do things. How you build something, how you repair stuff or how you adjust things. While filming from your head you can hold something with both your hands, or point your finger to specific spots and explain at the same time…. for your next YouTube® video.

The Head Strap Mount is a great camera accessory for Business, Training or Leisure – It’s a fun gadget but also a very useful tool. Just imagine, what you could do with it. Because you now can use your regular camera like you use an action camera.

Designed and Assembled in Europe

Hands assembling a Product