Attach your normal Camera to your Helmet

With this Universal Camera Clip Mount for your helmet. Designed to attach a normal camera to a helmet. Almost any normal camera you may already have and you would like to mount onto your helmet. This product is a great camera accessory for all kinds of active filming. Where you normally would need an extra action camera.

Illustration showing the technical features of the helmet clip mount for digital cameras
Illustration showing the helmet clip mount and the range of directions for camera adjustment

Wide range of Adjustment

Your camera can be adjusted into almost any direction. The range for variation is nearly 90 degrees. Depending on your kind of sports or activity, you’ll always be able to find the right angle for your camera.

Illustration showing the camera support bar of the helmet clip mount

Uses a standard 1/4 inch Tripod Screw

Use the standard 1/4 inch tripod screw to mount your camera to the platform. Then adjust the Support Bar until it softly touches the housing of the camera.

The bar creates additional support for the camera and keeps it from shifting. Just in case you did not fully tighten the tripod screw. The rubber O-rings on the bar will be gentle to your camera and avoid any kind of scratching.

Illustration of helmet adapter attached to a helmet

Apply the Helmet Adaptor

Before you can mount your camera, you first need to attach an adaptor to your helmet (included in the package). The adaptor uses strong adhesive tape to stick to your helmet. Without damaging it (same tape material action cameras use).

To attach the adaptor, find a spot somewhere in the center of the helmet. Where the curvature of the adaptor and the curvature of the helmet match as good as possible. Then peel off the tape liner and stick the adaptor to the helmet. Allow the adhesive to cure for at least 20 min, before you use the helmet mount for the first time.

Helmet shapes can be very different. This is why our product comes with two differently shaped helmet adaptors. Pick the one that fits the shape of your helmet best. Keep the second one, you may be able to use it for another helmet. In case you need additional adapters, you can buy them in our online shop.

The helmet adapter can be left on the helmet at all times. Even when you’re not filming. It’s small and not disturbing.

Illustration of the Helmet Clip Mount with 3M Adhesive Tape at the bottom of the adapter

Personal Adjustment without Tools

Different activities require different viewing angles. You can easily adjust your camera to different angles. Without any tools. The engraved scale and the wing-style screws make it easy for you to switch between your preferred camera position.

This is very useful when more than one person uses the head gear. Or, when it’s used for different activities.

Genuine Patches from 3M® for Secure Attachment

Our helmet adaptors come with genuine 3M® patches at the bottom. The same adhesive material most action cam manufacturers use for attaching their own helmet adaptors (eg. Go Pro ®).

Simply peel off the liner of the patch and stick the adaptor to your helmet. Once attached, the patch will develop it’s full bond within one day (75% after one hour). The patches are extremely durable and fully removable.

Extra patches and helmet adaptors are available in our online store. They have a size of 34x44mm and work perfectly with many other action cameras.

Illustration of helmet adapters with 3M Tape at the bottom
Illustration of camera platform before sliding onto helmet adapter

Slide On and Off within seconds

This is probably the most comfortable way to attach a normal camera to your helmet.

For mounting the camera, slide the camera platform onto the helmet adaptor until you hear a settle click of the locking mechanism. Now your camera is safely engaged.

Removing the camera is as easy. Press the release button and slide the camera platform off the adaptor. You can even do this “blind”, without taking off your helmet. The ring-style handle helps you to grab the platform safely so you won’t drop your precious camera.

Illustration of camera platform and helmet adapter connected

Safety Leash with Carabiner

Our Helmet Mount comes with a safety leash and a carabiner – “Just in Case”. To avoid any kind of potential damage or loss of your camera . You can attach the  leash to either the helmet adaptor or the camera platform.

Find out which way feels more comfortable and works best for you. The carabiner can be attached to the helmet straps or to your clothing. It’s all your choice.

Illustration of carabiner with safety leash
Illustration of securing options with the safety leash
Illustration of digital compact camera with over all dimensions

Designed for use with Digital Compact Cameras with Video Mode

Ideal for all compact cameras measuring up to 27mm (1.06in) in thickness and up to 105mm (4.13in) in width. Fit cameras from PANASONIC ®, CANON ®, FUJI ®, OLYMPUS ®, RICOH®, and many models from other manufacturers.

Click here to learn more about the full measurements.

Illustration of digital camera bottom with 1/4 inch tripod screw

Uses the 1/4 inch Standard Tripod Socket at the bottom of your camera

*Dimensions above are recommended, larger dimension cameras may still fit. Please check with your local dealer.

Images above may vary from original product in color and detail