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Wear your Camera on your Head

With this Universal Camera Head Straps for digital cameras. Designed to wear a camera on the head without a helmet. The head strap mount carries your camera in the center of your forehead. For hands free filming with your regular camera. This is a great camera accessory for all kinds of active filming. Where you normally would need an action camera or the head straps of an action camera.

Illustration showing the technical features of the Camera Head Strap Mount
Illustration of digital compact camera with over all dimensions

Designed for Digital Compact Camera with Video Mode

Ideal for all digital compact cameras measuring up to 27mm (1.06in) in thickness and up to 105mm (4.13in) in width. Fits cameras from PANASONIC ®, CANON ®, FUJI ®, OLYMPUS ®, RICOH®, and many models from other manufacturers.

Click here to learn more about the full measurements.

Illustration of digital camera bottom with 1/4 inch tripod screw

Uses the 1/4 inch Standard Tripod Socket at the bottom of your camera

Illustration showing the head strap mount and the range of directions for camera adjustment

Adjustment without Tools

Adjust the angle of your camera to your preferred position or into any direction you want to film. You can point it straight forward or downwards to your hands on the table.

Illustrated top view of the camera head strap mount with adjustable safety bar

Uses a standard 1/4 inch Tripod Screw

The Universal Camera Head Straps have been designed to easily wear a camera on the head. But also to let you choose from a broad variety of small digital cameras.

It uses the standard 1/4 inch tripod screw to mount your camera to the platform. Additionally, the Support Bar can be adjusted to softly touch the housing of the camera. The bar creates additional support for the camera and keeps it from shifting. Just in case you did not fully tighten the tripod screw. The rubber O-rings on the bar will be gentle to your camera and avoid any kind of scratching.

Illustration of camera head strap mount with engraved scale

Different activities require different viewing angles. You can adjust the angle of your camera to different positions without tools. The engraved scale and the wing-style screws make it easy for you to switch between your preferred camera position.

This is very useful when more than one person use the head gear. Or, when it’s used for different activities.

Adapter and Mount for your GoPro® Camera

Illustration of head with camera head strap mount for GoPro cameras
Illustration of head with camera head strap mount with GoPro camera mounted

If you own a GoPro ® (older model shown in the image) and you like to wear it with our Head Strap Mount, you can get our special Full GP Mount.

In case you already own a Blackeye® Head Strap Mount and want to attach a GoPro ® to it. You simply need our GP Adapter.

(for availability of the Full GP Mount, or the GP Adapter, please write us an email here)

Illustration of GP adapter for head strap mount

*Dimensions above are recommended, larger dimension cameras may still fit. Please check with your local dealer.

Images above may vary from original product in color and detail