Universal Camera Head Strap Mount

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Camera Head Strap Mount for head mounting a regular Camera.

A product for active filming with a regular digital camera on your head. For many activities like Travel, Sports, Fun, Business, and Training.


The Universal Camera Head Strap Mount. A great camera accessory for hands free filming. Lets you wear any camera on your head in all kinds of activities.

Fits Head Sizes: 53-63cm (21-25inch) S-M-L

Weight: 115 gr. (4.1 oz)

Compatibility: Fits digital compact cameras from CANON®. FUJI®, NIKON®, PANASONIC®,OLYMPUS®, RICOH® and many other manufacturers.

Extras: Sweat resistant, Water resistant, Temperature -40 to +80 Celsius.

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Designed and assembled in Europe, produced in China.

Weight 115 g
Dimensions 29 × 17 × 10 cm